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@thebreadwinnermovie The Breadwinner in my life is my mother Lisa, She and I have been through a lot together; through thin and thick she has stood by my side. When my father walked out on us, leaving nothing but a note we didn’t know what to do. But my mom was strong through God and she did not panic. Instead, she kept her head held high believing… Believing that something better was to come as we put our trust in God. We knew that it didn’t matter where we were living; all that mattered is that we had God and each other. For three years we were homeless… without a place to call a home… we did go to two different shelters during those years, which is something neither one of us want to relive again. My mother and I had to stay strong while we were there, all the while she worked four part time jobs and looked restlessly for a place that was safe for us to live and to call home.. After three years, we did find a place we could call home.. Currently, she’s still working her four part time jobs while I’m in my second year at DASH, known as the academically rigorous year… a year I’ve been finding myself to be stressed out, but my mom is there to support me by telling me what we’ve done from the beginning; putting our faith in God. That’s why I choose my mom as the Breadwinner in my life, she is my hero and someone I look up to hoping to be like when I’m older. One who doesn’t give up on something they love or care for deeply as a mother does for her daughter. • • • #breadwinnerstories @thebreadwinnermovie

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