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I’m working on this project at work about #girlpower and what it means to have men who champion strong women and believe in their potential. Anyone who knows my dad @bryanlrodgers knows that he is a unicorn — a magical creature that most people don’t believe to be real. He’s strong and kind and generous and selfless and brilliant beyond belief. He’s a man who married a strong woman and intentionally raised two of them. He’s a man who routinely texts me things like “You’re awesome. Drop the mic. Nuf said.” or “I sure am missing you today. I love you.” out of the blue, or “you’re my hero, Kathleen. Cling to what is good.” after I send a politically charged, ranting message about how angry I am at the injustice in the world (an all-too-common occurrence in 2017, amiright?). There will never be enough words to articulate the depth of my admiration for him and the gratitude I feel every day that I get to call him my dad. It’s because of him that I knew it was okay to be smart and strong and empowered. It is because of him that I always knew that I was deeply loved and respected. It’s because of him that I know what strong men really look like, and it isn’t any of this shit in the news right now. It’s because of him that I understood my whole life that strength and compassion and generosity are natural companions, not foes. Thank you doesn’t begin to cut it, but it’s a good start. I love you! P.S. Pretty sure at this point that no one in my office believes what I say about my family because they really are too good to be true. But it’s social media official, so can’t go back now 😉

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