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I was so inspired by The Breadwinner that I wanted to tell my own story. This is a shoutout to an Ally. My father has always been a source of inspiration for me. From a young age, he has always encouraged me to reach for the stars. I was born in China where women are systematically deemed inferior; he made sure I never let my gender limit my accomplishments. An intellectual at heart, he gave me a deep appreciation for literature at an early age. Hard work and perseverance were guiding principles. As new immigrants, my family worked hard to establish themselves. My dad landed in Canada with $100 in his wallet; a story I’ve heard a million times at the dinner table. One of the most profound moments in my life was the aftermath of when my father broke his wrist. He was on his way to deliver an order when he slipped on black ice. Our family owned a tiny restaurant back then, staffed only by my parents. I rode with my dad in the ambulance as my pregnant mother tended to the restaurant. We sat mostly in silence in the ambulance and in the hospital waiting room. My dad shared his insecurities about not being able to provide for his growing family as he healed from his injury. He talked about his teenage years when Chairman Mao sent him, along with 17 million other junior high students "up to the mountain, down to the village" to perform hard labour as farmers. This the only time I've ever seen him cry. I cast my eyes to the speckled hospital floor; my eight-year old brain un-able to muster a response. His dedication to creating a better life for his children still astounds me. In the years since, I’ve helped out with small tasks at our growing number of restaurants. Eventually, my dad let me weigh in on key business decisions. This made me incredibly entrepreneurial. When I was 20, he trusted me enough to enter into a joint venture with me not as his daughter but as a business partner. He was humble and supportive enough to let me take the lead in business strategy and operations. Many years later, our business is still thriving, all thanks to my dad’s constant encouragement. #breadwinnerstories #saarachaudry #thebreadwinner #thebreadwinnermovie

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